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If you have been subject to their unsolicited, intrusive, unprofessional and rude phone calls, log it online at 'who called me'. There have been thousands of logged harassment calls.


Extracts from a few of the emails and letters I have received are quoted below.
Thank you to all 'my' families who write to me.

'We have had so many friends and family asking after you and if you were a close member of our family as you came across as a friend.
They said they loved what you said and how you told the stories and how the funeral was one of the nicest they'd been to.
We explained we had only met once in person before the event but they all said it seemed like you knew the family so well.
I will always recommend you for anyone asking for a nice send off.
Thank you Evelyn, you made a very sad occasion not so sad and I am glad you were there with us to say Goodbye to Dad.'

'I would just like to say thank you on behalf of all my family in helping us through this tough journey.  We were all so proud of the fantastic send off we gave K and the words you wrote really summed him up. It was such an emotional day but we gave him the best tribute we could, later we let off 100 balloons and said a few words and the sun came out just at the right time.'

'I just wanted to thank you both for all the work you did in organising the service for Mum on Wednesday.  We were very touched and many people told us that it was a fitting send-off.  She would have been very happy with the number of people who turned up to see her line dancing away. On behalf of both of us again please accept our deepest thanks.'

'Thank you so much for organising such a lovely service for J - I am sure he would have approved. DH said it was just so right for J. My 95 year old cousin said it was the nicest funeral she had ever been too, and let's face it, she must have been to plenty in her 95 years!Your help and kindness to us both at this difficult time made it easier to cope with on the day.'

'I would like to thank you for so much for a lovely service for C. Everyone was touched by it all and thought it summed him up perfectly. What was nice was that it wasn't rushed through, you gave us time to reflect.'

'Thank you for the amazing job you did at P's funeral. it was absolutely perfect and I am sure he would have loved it.  The band was a bit of a tearjerker, wasn't it? Ron* and his boys really did him proud. I am delighted we were introduced to you for the occasion and once again, thank you so very much for all you did to make it the success it was.'
(*Ron Patterson from Reading Pipe Band)

'Having read through the service sheets which you have kindly sent me I realise how much we owe you. Having spoken to family and friends who knew P so well, we are united in our opinion that P would have been so appreciative of the manner in which we said our farewells; it was just as she would have wanted.'

'I really can't thank you enough for M's Service. so many people have commented on you and your service.'

'Thank you so much for everything that you did for us last week. 

We were so pleased with the service, it was everything that we hoped it would be.' 

 C and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the warmth and sensitivity that you conveyed all through M's funeral last week.
We could not have wished for a better person to conduct the service and we thank you very much. '

''Thank you so much for everything you did for my dad’s funeral – for spending the time with me and mum, your touching and thoughtful words, and the sensitive way you conducted the service. It was just right. We feel very lucky that FD suggested you.Thanks also for the service words that you sent to mum'. 


'Thank you so much for all your help in making B's service extra special. We are so grateful for the time and effort you have taken to assist us in planning the service and you've been an amazing source of support. Thank you!' 

'Thank you for sending me a copy of the service from R's funeral. It was good to be able to read through everyone's words, as I'm not sure I took them in on the day.... Once again, I am really grateful for all the help and support you have given me over the past few weeks. '

'I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of my family for what I thought was a lovely service for my dad today.

Your efforts were much appreciated. Thank you so much.'

'What can I say. The service you carried out for Dad was Absolutely Fantastic. We really could not of asked for any more
The detail you put in was impeccable.
The comments we got after from everybody.  Were. Not keen on going to funerals as we all agree but the way the "celebration" was carried out was the best we have ever seen.  Such detail. so well read. Straight to the point. And with a great amount of humour mixed in.  Mum today is over the moon the way it has all gone. And really makes such a difference for her to remember dad. We can only thank you so much again.  YOU WERE SUPERB.   If there's any where I can recommend you either on your site or else where please let me know.   Once again from my Heart.  THANKYOU.'

 'We wanted to thank you again for everything you did for us, before and on the day. The service was wonderfully moving and personal, I don't think there was a dry eye! We have had many friends and family who attended the service, say how impressed they were, and how it was so accurate in describing Mum. I think as a family we are so comforted by knowing we gave her the best send off we could, and you were an integral part of that. Anyway, thanks again and best wishes to you and all the families you will bring comfort to in the future. '

'Just a quick note to says a big thank you for your time, patience and input into Mums service.  Although a very sad day for our family with your help, good memories of Mum were created which I know for me personally made me smile through the tears.
Once again, many thanks.' 

'we all agreed the service went very well and I'm sure my Dad would have agreed. It was much nicer being so informal. '
(Ceremony was held in small chapel of rest) 

'Everybody remarked on what a wonderful send off we gave M and we couldn't have done this without you.' 

'We would like to thank you so very much for the lovely service you gave us on what could have been a difficult day.  You gave us what we wanted without us really knowing how to express our feelings.   The day was everything we could have wished for in saying goodbye to our wonderful parents which was all down to your calm and understanding direction.  It could have been a very sad day but I think they would have been proud of all their family coming together and spending time together.'  

'Thank you for sending the copies of mum and dad's service, received Thursday.  Also the card with your kind words.  Reading through the whole thing certainly brought back the lovely day you created for us.  I don’t think you take it in at the time and we can now relive the day.  Once again thank you for everything, we were certainly blessed that you ended up being assigned to us.'

'I wanted to thank you for the marvellous service that you gave for my Mum G A.   So many people commented afterwards how touching and personal you had made it, and you had managed to capture a very good picture of her life.
I really appreciate you 
making such a difficult day go so well.'

'Thank you so much for the wonderful service you did for T. It was perfect and even the really religious people said how lovely it was, thank you so much..... I'm so glad you suggested about the children doing something, they loved having a role.'

'Just a quick note to say a big thank you for your time, patience and input into Mum's service.  Although a very sad day for our family with your help, good memories of Mum were created which I know for me personally made me smile through the tears.'

'We would like to thank you so very much for the lovely service you gave us on what could have been a difficult day.  You gave us what we wanted without us really knowing how to express our feelings.   The day was everything we could have wished for in saying goodbye to our wonderful parents which was all down to your calm and understanding direction.  It could have been a very sad day but I think they would have been proud of all their family coming together and spending time together.  Once again we cannot thank you enough for everything.'

'Meanwhile, may I express my deep thanks to you for your exemplary conducting of my mother's funeral.  It all worked so well and will remain treasured in my memory.'

'Thank you so much for yesterday. As you left our house last Friday you said "we'll give A a good send off" ,you certainly did that. Every thing about the service was just right. It was only a small gathering but everyone said to me what a lovely and appropriate service it was and how nice and warm you were. Thank you also for your kind words to me. I know I did the best I could and that, after all, is the only thing any of us can do. Once again thank you so much.'

'Thank you so much for the lovely ceremony yesterday - it was pitched exactly right for us - and you made the experience all the more bearable.'

'Thank You Very Very Much For Such A Beautiful Service we all enjoyed your readings'

'Just wanted to email you to say thank you for the lovely service you did for my Dad, DW.  A lot of people commented on how well you took the service and that it was a good send off for him.'

'Just to say thank you for everything you did for C's funeral and for me.

I have to say that everyone was very impressed by the service, commenting on how well it suited C and how it conveyed her personality and spirit.'

'Thank you on behalf of myself, T and all the family for everything you did in preparation for last Friday and all the help you gave us and for the service you gave on Friday. Everyone we spoke to said how lovely the service was. So thank you again for making such a hard time easier and for helping us all through the service.'

'I just want you to know how pleased I was with the service you conducted for N's funeral.  You may remember that when we initially met I was unsure as to what would be appropriate for him but once we got talking I felt that you had gained a very good insight of what he and his life had been like.  When you sent me your outline of the order of the service I think I replied and said that I thought it would be the best funeral I have ever attended.  Well after the service I certainly felt that this was true and was obviously very pleased that many of our family and friends commented on how beautiful it was without being too emotional and that N would definitely have been very happy with the content.

It was also so nice to feel your empathy throughout and to be greeted by you outside the chapel as we entered on what I felt was going to be a difficult day.

Sent with my heartfelt thanks.'

'I just want to send you my sincere appreciation for the Funeral Service which you created for W.

It was exactly how I wanted it to be, W's family were very touched and appreciative and I know it would have appealed to W too.

I want you to know that the words most used by people who attended were 'Inspired and Inspirational'. Many people came away with a clear picture of the whole person who was W. My brother said that there was something there for everyone and I think he is right. Several people remarked that they took much comfort and strength from the sentiments expressed and left the service determined to appreciate and make the most of their life in the future!

I can not thank you enough for the kindness and support that you gave me at such a difficult time. I think you have a true 'calling' for this kind of service. Please feel free to use any of this in your comments section on your web page and if ever I can be of service to you as a recommendation or reassurance to anyone else please do not hesitate to contact me.'

'Thank you so much for your lovely card and the copies of mums funeral service including the speeches by S, D and M. It was a lovely service and we are so pleased that you were able to take it for us. We had so many lovely comments about how nice the service was and how our lovely Mum would of been so proud of us all.'

'Just a short note to thank you for yesterday. It all went so well but I am glad I have ordered the DVD as it all slid by so quickly. Everyone said how much they appreciated the personal nature of the ceremony, and as expected there were many stories of J's earlier years recounted.'

'This is just a belated thank you from B, M and myself. It made a difficult condition so bearable compared to what had happened before. 

We have our memories and are now trying to come to terms with what happened to such as young life.'

'On behalf of all the family I would like to say thank you for the service yesterday, everyone commented on how nice it was, sorry I did not say goodbye but the undertakers were ready to bring us back and I could not see you anywhere, several people have asked for your phone number (have not given it out) told them if they need you to go to our FD when the time comes!'

'My Mum, myself and the rest of the family want to thank you for the service that you done for my Dad, J. You done him proud and everyone said what a wonderful send off it was, we all appreciate everything you done for us

along with your caring and professional manner.'

'Thank you so much for your help and support yesterday at P's funeral.  We are all very grateful for your understanding and advice. The service was just how P would have wanted it. We all agreed that you are a wonderful lady, who made a difficult day more bearable for us all. P's sister said she had never attended such a beautiful and intimate funeral. I just wanted to let you know how much your kindness meant to us all. We all have such different belief structures and you respected each and every belief. Thank you.'

'Thank you so much for the full copies of the order of service and the card and poem. I know that B and L will really appreciate having this.  Once again thank you so much for taking A's funeral service with so much feeling. It was very special.'

'Thank you very much. You have done an amazing job we have just read it we were both in tears it's absolutely brilliant.' 

'Just a quick final word of thanks from me for helping us celebrate S’s life in such a beautiful way. I’m sure she would have approved as we managed to ‘lift’ the service above what always promised to be a very difficult day. Numerous friends and family after the service remarked how beautiful it was and that it was a fitting tribute to S.'

'You have done an amazing job with the stories of our family life - and done my Dad very proud.'

'On behalf of all the A family I would like to say thank you for the service yesterday, everyone commented on how nice it was.'

'Thank you so much for all the care and guidance you have given us while we struggled to put together an appropriate goodbye for P.


We, and the congregation,  thought the ceremony worked beautifully. There were many compliments when we were chatting in the pub and one lady suggested that P would have liked to be there! (Of course technically she was there, but I know what she meant and was very touched by it.)

Your interest in P and her life is much appreciated. I’m sure searching the web for extra information is ‘beyond the call of duty’.

Of course we will miss her very much, but you have made it easier for us.'

'Evelyn - We all thought the service was absolutely lovely, it was what we asked you for and what D wanted I'm  sure. You got it just right and although it was a very emotional time for us once we got home we were very happy about the way it had been conducted.   Thank you for helping to make it a very special day for us.'

'Just wanted to repeat my thanks for making Dad's service so nice - he would have approved I'm sure.'

'We wanted to thank you for the lovely service you did for my mum on Tuesday. So many people have commented to us how wonderful it was and thought you must have been a family friend. So, thank you again.'

'I just wanted to say 'thank you' for conducting E's Celebration of Life Ceremony in such a sincere and caring way. The ceremony would have made E extremely proud, I know.'

'On behalf of G, and of my family, I wish to thank you most sincerely for the beautiful way you conducted L's funeral yesterdayI am sure that it would have been exactly as she would have wished - and how it is known that, in due course, G and I wish to part this world.'

'Quite, quite beautiful.
Thank you.'

'Arranging a funeral is not something our family has done before, and getting it right for Dad was a concern. Once we'd found you though it was such a relief. your calmness, insight, and easy manner carried us through. Nothing was too much trouble. Thank you so much for the lovely service & committal and everything else, it was so much appreciated by us all.'

'We wanted to thank you for the lovely service you did for my mum on Tuesday. 
So many people have commented to us how wonderful it was and thought you must have been a family friend. So, thank you again.'

'We just wanted to express our deepest thanks for all your help creating a very fitting send off for our dadWe honestly cannot fault any aspect of the service you provided, we constantly felt supported and guided whilst still feeling all decisions were made with our dad in mindWe had many people come up to us afterwards to comment on how appropriate and personal the service was and we could not have achieved this without your hard work. The time you gave to listen to us talk about dad was really appreciated and I think this showed in the serviceOnce again our sincerest thanks for making such a difficult time a little more bearable.'

'I am writing to say thank you so much for making my Dad's funeral the special send off that we wished it to be. We all gained a lot of comfort in the fact that it was a real celebration of his life.  I thought you were fantastic in guiding us through it all and your words at the service were perfect.  Thank you'

'Mum could not have been given a more special ceremony, spoken from your heart.   You are a very special lady'

'You're a breath of fresh air! Perfect. Thank you.'

'Thank you so much for the beautiful service you arranged for my mum, everyone commented on your lovely tribute to a wonderful lady.'

'Just a line to say a sincere thank you for all of your efforts in making the final passage for my husband M to move on from this life on earth, a personal tribute to the person that he was in life. All that attended and shared in the service were full of praise in the manner it was conducted, a great comfort for them and especially M's daughter, his son and myself.'

'On behalf of my family I would like to say thank you very much for all your support and advice over the past couple of weeks in helping us arrange the funeral for my dad. We really appreciated all your help in organising such a difficult and emotional occasion.We felt that it was a very special day and we were able to celebrate dad's life with all his family and friends just as he would have liked.Thank you as well for the more detailed copies of the service.'

'Thank you for making yesterday go so well. Everyone thought it a lovely tribute and I have to congratulate you on organising it so well... The memorial booklet was lovely and a wonderful thing to keep.'

'I just wanted to say a really big thank you for yesterday - the number of texts and congratulations I've had for the way the service was conducted was really touching.  My mum would have been really proud of the send off she was given as were all her friends.  Please accept our most sincere thanks for the beautify ceremony.'

 'I would just like to say a very big thank you to you for all of your help through this difficult time.  The service was just lovely, you did a wonderful job and everybody who attended B's funeral agreed.  You are a very kind lady, once again a very big thank you from myself and the children.'

'Everybody has commented on the lovely touches at the services, a lot of which were your ideas and how well you seemed to understand G from the way you spoke about her. There is no doubt that you are in the right job, you have such a way with words. Anyway we are just so grateful that you made a very difficult time just that bit easier for us, I know I was a bit lost on the day and your guidance was invaluable.'

'On behalf of my sisters, S, R and myself, we would just like to say many thanks for the lovely service you gave to mum. I think everyone who went made a point of saying how nice it was and put together perfectly.'

'Thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony today.  We really do appreciate how smoothly the service went and how naturally you conducted the ceremony.  It felt very special to us all.  The comments from the guests were over-whelming and touching.  The words you spoke were 'spot on' and it was amazing to have such good singers to back up our warbling! It was a memorable and special day for all our family,  and incredible to get the sun shining on us all day.'

'Thank you again for all your efforts and making it a fitting send off for Dad.'

'The service was beautiful and so appropriate, so many people expressed their genuine feelings that you managed/directed/organised the whole thing so very well, and for that I  will always be grateful. C certainly left us yesterday knowing that he was loved and highly regarded by many. What a send off!'

'We all agreed that thanks to you we were able to give Dad the type of service he would have chosen and that it was a fitting celebration of the kind and gentle man he was.'

'Evelyn drafted a very appropriate tribute after meeting with the family for the first time for a couple of hours last Friday. She was very open to the process of amending the text, however the bulk of the tribute were the words originally drafted. It is a credit to your professionalism and expertise that no one who passed comment realised that you were not a family friend of longstanding. I have your business card and should anyone have the misfortune to find themselves in a similar situation I will have no hesitation to recommend you'

'G and I want to thank you most sincerely for the way you designed and took the service at J's funeral yesterday.  Your help and sympathy have made so much difference at this sad time.  All the people who attended felt that the whole service was so appropriate to J's life and their own feelings at the time.'

'Thank you so much for today.  Everybody just loved the service and thought it was our Dad to a T, the music and the tribute.  I think Dad has really set a trend once again...'

'G and I want to thank you most sincerely for the way you designed and took the service at J's funeral yesterday.  Your help and sympathy have made so much difference at this sad time.  All the people who attended felt that the whole service was so appropriate to J's life and their own feelings at the time.'

'I just wanted to say a big thank you for making my Dad’s send off so special and personal.'

'many, many thanks Evelyn for enabling the service to go so well and be a good memory of Dad.'

'I think you've picked up a remarkable perception of my mother and her life in the short time you've known us and I also think Helen made a splendid choice of 'official'  for the ceremony'


'I just want to thank you for everything you have done for my family, you are amazing. The day was amazing and that was down to you. You were the perfect person to carry out the service of celebration. Thanks again for all your efforts, we all can't stop singing your praises.'

'we had no idea you could have so much choice, I wish I'd known about you for my wife's funeral'

'that you so enjoyed being part of our celebration of L's life confirms for me the belief that we got everything right. For this we have you to thank, as you led us forward with our ideas and helped us create something beyond our initial hopes. Without exception, everyone I spoke to commented on how beautiful and appropriate the service was - this includes my mother-in-law, a devout catholic, who would have been initially disappointed that it was not to be a religious ceremony.'

' I want to thank you for all your help and support in arranging and delivering B's service last week. It really was everything I had hoped for. So many people have commented on how fitting and emotional the service was, and how much they enjoyed it. Everything went remarkably smoothly, I'm sure because you and the Funeral Director had everything planned to the last detail. The words you found to weave together our tributes and music were all so relevant, and beautiful - they captured B's spirit so well that I needed to remind myself on several occasions that you had never actually met him!

‘thankyou very much for the all your kind thoughts  and help you gave us

over the loss of B’s father S. You did us the most perfect, beautiful service

for S’s funeral and we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts’


‘thank you Evelyn so much for conducting the service for my mother.

We all thought it was so wonderful in it's simplicity, it just couldn't have been

any better. Thank you again’


‘thankyou for making R’s farewell something that we’ll remember fondly

and not with sadness. Everyone, and I mean everyone, said how you made

his service so warm and full of compassion’


‘..it was great to be able to just talk about Dad, and the fact that you were able to soak up so much information and get an accurate feel for him is remarkable.

I read the documents last night and I instantly liked everything about it.  I have read it all again this morning and it says everything that should be said, you are very clever!’


‘Thank you so much for sending us copies of the service in remembrance of our son. You did well to remember all that John said! I think we were very fortunate to have found you. Thank you also for your kind words and wishes’


'from the first visit we found her capacity to listen, understand and interpret our needs very reassuring. Not having any previous experience of Civil Funerals we were very grateful for her guidance and suggestions'

'thank you for what you've done.  We cant believe how much you have the feeling right for what we all want......'

'Evelyn was always available for a quick response to our emails with the constant changes to the programme. She put together the final draft that we were all completely happy with'

'thank you so much for a beautiful service and a fitting celebration of Dad's life'

'it made me feel connected and allowed me to voice my goodbye'

'she managed to put together a funeral I actually wish my husband could have heard. he would have been overjoyed and most impressed. Evelyn 'got the measure' of my husband so well that people thought that my husband had actually written it himself!!'

'the whole experience was conducted in a friendly and professional way which was very comforting to all those who attended'

'thank you so much for your preparation and delivery of yesterday's service. It was done just how Dad would have wanted it and the personal reading was very tender'

'her sensitivity to the situation made the service a warm and loving occasion'

‘I cannot praise her enough, she prepared and presented an excellent ceremony

which was very caring and true to my Mum. I would recommend her to anyone

who wanted a civil ceremony’

‘It was a perfect service, sensitively delivered. We all agree D would have loved it'

 ‘I’m really glad we asked you, it made me feel good about Mum’s final send off.

Thank you for your kindness and sensitivity in making what could have been

a difficult day into a good one’

 ‘Thank you so much – that was perfect – exactly what he would have wanted’

 ‘That’s the best funeral I’ve ever been to'

' Please pass on our thanks  - she was brilliant and very supportive throughout'

'wonderful, considerate and compassionate ....we all adored her interpretation of
my husband's life and death..... I wish he could have met her'

I recently prepared a ceremony for a lady who was very anxious about our first meeting... but after we'd met 2 or 3 times and agreed everything she said she felt 'jubilant'!